Projected Haas Cup seeds and match-ups, 2019-20

The 21st annual Haas Cup is set to get underway this week, and with divisional play now in the rear-view mirror, we know what the seeds look like as well as the match-ups for this year’s tournament.

Below are the seeds and projected match-ups for the 2020 Haas Cup.

1- Park Regional 12-1-3 27 points

2- Mountain Lakes-Boonton 11-1-4 26 points

3- Mount Olive-Hopatcong-Hackettstown 11-3-2 24 points

4- Gill St. Bernard’s 10-3-3 23 points

5- West Morris 9-5-2 20 points

6- High Point-Wallkill Valley 5-10-1 11 points

7- Newton-Lenape Valley 3-11-2 8 points

8- Parsippany Regional 1-13-2 4 points


First round

Wednesday, Feb. 12 at Mennen Arena

4-Gill St. Bernard’s vs. 5-West Morris, 4

3-Mt Olive-Hopatcong-Hackettstown vs. 6-High Point-Wallkill Valley, 5:45

2-Mt Lakes-Boonton vs. 7-Newton-Lenape Valley, 7:45

Thursday, Feb. 13 at Mennen Arena

1-Park Regional vs. 8-Parsippany Regional, 4:15


Wednesday, Feb. 19 at Mennen Arena

Park Regional/Parsippany winner vs. Gill St. Bernard’s/West Morris winner, 4

Mount Olive/High Point winner vs. Mountain Lakes/Newton winner, 5:30


Friday, Feb. 21 at Mennen Arena

5:45 p.m.

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