Final Mennen Division standings and projected Mennen Cup match-ups, 2019-20

Mennen Division play is officially complete for the 2019-20 season, and with that, we can now look ahead to the 45th Mennen Cup.

Below is a look at the final divisional standings, as well as the projected match-ups for the tournament, as well as the current dates and times.

1. Morristown-Beard 8-2, 16 points

2. Randolph 6-1-3, 15 points

3. Morris Knolls-Hills 6-2-2, 14 points

4. Chatham 3-5-2, 8 points

5. Morristown 2-6-2, 6 points

6. Madison 0-9-1, 1 point


First round

3-Morris Knolls-Hills vs. 6-Madison, Thursday, Feb. 13, Mennen Arena at 8:15pm

4-Chatham vs. 5-Morristown, Tuesday Feb. 18, Mennen Arena at 8pm

Semifinals- Thursday, Feb. 20 at Mennen, games at 6:15 and 8:15

1-Morristown-Beard vs. winner of 4-Chatham/5-Morristown

2-Randolph vs. winner of 3-Morris Knolls-Hills/6-Madison


Saturday, Feb. 22 at 6:15pm

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