What’s at stake in Halvorsen, Haas Divisions on season’s final day?



1- Roxbury 7-2-1 15 points

2- Montville 6-1-2 14 points

3- Mendham 4-2-4 12 points

4- Vernon 4-5 9 points

5- Sparta-Jefferson 1-5-3 5 points

6- Kinnelon 0-7-2 2 points

— Montville can jump over Roxbury and win the regular season title and the top seed for the Halvorsen Cup with a win over Kinnelon on Saturday night (6:15pm, Mennen Arena). A Montville loss would give Roxbury the top seed and regular season title. A tie would mean both teams finish with 15 points, and its unclear what the tiebreaker would be in that situation. The teams split their head-to-head series.

— The 3-6 seeds are all locked in. Vernon, Sparta-Jefferson and Kinnelon all have games on Saturday, but none can catch the teams in front of them.


1- Park Regional 12-1-3 27 points

2- Mountain Lakes-Boonton 11-1-4 26 points

3- Mount Olive-Hopa.-Hack. 11-3-2 24 points

4- Gill St. Bernard’s 10-3-3 23 points

5- West Morris 9-5-2 20 points

6- High Point-Wallkill Val. 5-10-1 11 points

7- Newton-Lenape Valley 3-11-2 8 points

8- Parsippany Regional 0-13-2 2 points

9- Morris Catholic 0-14-1 1 point

— The 1-7 seeds are all locked in as all teams have completed their divisional schedules. All that’s left to determine is which team will be the eighth seed. Parsippany Regional and Morris Catholic will battle at 4:15 at Mennen Arena on Saturday, and the winner will get the eighth seed and face Park Regional in the first round of the Haas Cup. If the game ends in a tie, Parsippany would get the final spot, as it would finish with more points.

Once the schedule is complete, be sure to check Morris-Sussex Hockey Report for the full seeds and schedule for the upcoming cup tournaments!

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