Current Halvorsen Division standings and breakdown of title race

Going into the final week of divisional play, here is a look at the Halvorsen Division race and where each team stands at this point.


1- Roxbury 7-2-1, 15 points (schedule complete)

2- Montville 6-1-2, 14 points (one game remaining)

3- Mendham 3-2-4, 10 points (one game remaining)

4- Vernon 4-5 8 points (one game remaining)

5- Sparta-Jefferson 1-4-3, 5 points (two games remaining)

6- Kinnelon 0-7-2 2 points (one game remaining)

— Montville faces Kinnelon on Saturday, and can win the Halvorsen Division regular season title as well as clinch the top seed for the Halvorsen Cup with an outright victory. A loss would mean Roxbury gets the top seed. A tie would give both teams 15 points, and presumably (unconfirmed) would give the title and top seed to Roxbury, as they would finish with more wins. The teams split the season series.

— Mendham cannot go any higher than third, and can lock in the third seed with a win or tie against Sparta-Jefferson today. However, a loss would open up the door for Vernon to potentially move into third if it beats Sparta-Jefferson next Monday, as the teams would have the same amount of points but Vernon would have more wins (unsure if this is the tiebreaker). The teams split the season series head-to-head.

— Sparta-Jefferson- if it wins its final two games against Mendham and Vernon- could jump over Vernon into the fourth spot. A loss in either game locks it into fifth.

— Kinnelon is locked into sixth.

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